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Listen, we’ve done 95% of the work for you:)! We’re giving you the step-by-step blueprint for teaching and growing a successful group exercise class. Now all you have to do is make the remaining 5% effort and register for the most incredible and most FUNctional event for learning the next cutting edge fitness wave in our industry!



You will be the Super Star in your local area with all the information and tools you will receive at our 1-Day (8 hour) Instructor Training. You’ll receive EVERYTHING you need to successfully teach 360° Core Transformer including: Core Transformer Instructor Training Manual Instructional Core Transformer training DVD, Music Soundtrack, and choreography notes, ACE (4.5)/AFAA (4.5)/NASM (4.5) CEC’s/CEU’s and Pro Team Core Transforme product wholesale prices. Plus, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion to teach ANYWHERE (and if you meet our Pro Team Presenter qualifications and standards, the possibility of becoming a Core Transformer Pro in your area!). We will also list you in our exclusive online community of Core Transformer Certified Trained Instructors.


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